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How to buy
a ticket for an event

Going to the theatre is a fun and enjoyable moment. Unfortunately standing in line to purchase tickets can take forever. You may have to rush to get your snacks and lose out on getting good seats. A popular show might even sell out before you get there and totally ruin your night. The best bet to avoid these kinds of problems is to purchase tickets online ahead of time and this is how;

  • Search for, Select a movie/show and showtime of your choice
  • specify the number of tickets, select the seats and enter your payment information
  • Check your order confirmation and present the digital receipt at the checkpoint
  • Get in, take your seat and enjoy yourself
Buy a Ticket
  • 1. You get to choose where in the theatre you get to sit at ahead of time
  • 2. You make the purchase from the comfort of your home, workplace or even favourite hangout spot
  • 3. Electronic tickets can't be lost as compared to the tangible ones
  • 4. Registering on the website gives you access to notifications about current and upcoming activities; shows/concerts, exhibitions, performances, and more to your e-mail address

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Produced by Karen Hasahya Kimuli and Kenneth Kimuli aka Pablo.

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